Essay Topics College Students

Picking a college essay topic can be a challenge. Most colleges will have you submit an essay as part of your admission packet. Keep in mind that this is the best marketing tool for selling yourself so you want to pick a college essay topic that best represents who you are and what you have accomplished. No one has a better understanding of who you are than you so pick a college essay topic that allows you to show who you are to the audience. Maybe your college essay topic is for a specific course and your topic needs to relate to a chosen field of study. If you can relate personally to the subject you will have a more convincing essay than if you randomly pick a college essay topic that has no interest or meaning to you.

The first step in picking a college essay topic is brainstorming. When brainstorming, sit down and write down the different ideas that come to mind. Explore the areas of interest that you can personally relate to and let your imagination wonder. Don’t limit yourself, you want to generate as many ideas as you can. When brainstorming for a college essay topic as part of your admission packet keep these helpful questions in mind; Have you been involved in your community? How has this involvement help shape you as a person? How does this relate to your chosen field of study? What obstacles or challenges have you over come and how you over came them? Who’s inspired you the most and why do they inspire you? What life events have helped shape who you are? Has there been one specific event or set of circumstances that has occurred in your life that was of great significance? You want to stand out and have your audience take notice. Make your writing personal, a few paragraphs sincerely written will allow your audience to truly know you as an individual.

When the college essay topics are related to a specific course, keep that in mind as you brainstorm. You don’t want to pick a college essay topic related to child development if your course is in marketing. Sometimes you will be given a board topic such as why higher education is important. Expand and explore your ideas related to this broad subject. Find a way to personally relate to the topic. Think about what areas of interest you have on the topic and pick a unique way of presenting your ideas. Do you want to prove a point that has not been presented in the general theme of the assignment? Do you want to write a convincing essay that takes a stance on an argument for or against the topic? Explore the guts of the theme given, expand on ideas, break it down and find a way to relate to the topic personally. Narrow down your ideas to one and start writing.

Discription: Deciding on college essay topics doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Most colleges will ask you to submit an essay as part of your admission pack and most of your secondary academic courses will present you with broad themes where you will have to decide on what college essay topic to write. The most important thing to remember when choosing a college essay topic is finding a way to personally relate to the topic. Brainstorming is the first step in generating ideas for your college topic essay. The more ideas you are able to explore and the more personally you relate to the subject matter the better chance you will have of finding a wining college essay topic.

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